Shift your productivity into high gear with custom gearboxes from Weasler

Farmers work hard every day under demanding conditions. And they rely on your equipment to work just as hard — all season long. That’s why leading agricultural OEMs around the world trust … More»

Weasler Introduces Metric Profile Drivelines

Weasler Engineering provides the most extensive and trusted range of driveline products for agricultural equipment available today. Our driveline systems, or power take-off shafts, are used by all major agriculture equipment OEMs … More»

Mark Your Calendar for the Farm Progress Show

The 65th Annual Farm Progress Show is planned for August 28-30 in Boone Iowa. And Weasler Engineering will be there. Will you? “Our team never misses the Farm Progress Show,” explained Dan … More»

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To determine how Weasler can help you, please contact our North American design team (, and we will work with you to identify the product or system to fit your specific application.

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Aftermarket Catalogs
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PTO Drive Shafts and Components
select_buttonEasy Lock Guards

select_buttonExtended Lubrication Kit

select_buttonAuto Lok Yoke

select_buttonDouble Telescoping Shaft

select_buttonFull Spline Profile Shaft

Universal Joints
select_buttonNA Universal Joints

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Constant Velocity (Wide Angle) Joints
select_button50° CV Joints

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Safety Clutches
select_buttonCA-Type Clutch

select_buttonIA-Type Clutch

select_buttonMA-Type Clutch

select_buttonF-Type Clutch

select_buttonI-Type Clutch

select_buttonM-Type Clutch

select_buttonShear Bolt Yoke

select_buttonRatchet Clutch

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Torsional Dampers
select_buttonTorsional Dampers

select_buttonGM Series Wheel Drive

select_buttonRound Baler Gearboxes

select_buttonWeasler Gearboxes

select_button50 deg CV Joint – Over Angle

select_button80 deg CV Joint – Over Angle NonOperating

select_button80 deg CV Joint – Over Angle Operating

select_buttonLack of Grease – 50 deg Ball & Socket

select_buttonLack of Grease – Cross & Bearing Kit

Service and Maintenance Instructions
select_buttonUniversal Joint

select_buttonM-Type Friction Clutch

select_buttonLubricating PTO Drive Shaft

select_buttonLubricating 80 Deg CV

select_buttonLubricating 50 Deg CV

select_buttonI-Type Overrunning Friction Clutch

select_buttonIA-Type Automatic Clutch

select_buttonF-Type Overrunning Clutch

select_buttonF-Type Friction Clutch

select_buttonFlexible Couplings

select_buttonEasy Lock Guards

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