New Standard Drive Shaft: Essential Horsepower, Ideal Value

After a successful North American release, the global introduction of the new drive shaft rounds out our extensive line of power transmission products. The Standard PTO Drive Shaft is available now, and it meets regional ASABE and CEN safety. This new product fulfills the need for a  PTO drive shaft that delivers up to 80 horsepower at 540 rpm.

“The Weasler team understands that the right PTO drive shaft ensures equipment operators have the proper power for their application,” said Sander Wientjes, Account Manager, Weasler Europe. “The Standard PTO Drive Shaft allows us to provide a more dynamic range of PTO solutions. Whether you have low-power requirements or heavy workloads and continuous duty applications, we have PTOs designed to pair with your specific needs.

Key features:
  • Delivers 80 horsepower at 540 rpm
  • Spring-loaded collar
  • Profile telescoping allows easy, cut-to-length adjustment
  • Universal joints provide standard-duty cycle with easy grease access
  • Available with a friction or shear bolt torque limiter
Common applications:
  • Wing drives
  • Rotary cutters
  • Tillers
  • Fertilizer spreaders
  • Rakes
  • Tedders

Now categorized as Standard, Classic or Professional, identifying the right PTO for a specific application is simple. Our broad range of drive shafts includes:

  • Standard – A pre-configured product, the Standard is perfect for the equipment owner who values quality and wants an essential drive train to deliver up to 80 horsepower for occasional use.
  • Classic – This drive shaft provides up to 170 horsepower is a durable worker for everyday projects and is available with a combination of optional components.
  • Professional – This robust driveshaft, available with an extensive range of features, handles the most rugged, continuous, heavy-duty applications.

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