AB4,AW21 Series Friction Clutch Quick Disconnect Yoke

AB4,AW21 series friction clutch yoke with 1 3/8-6 spline bore and quick disconnect connection

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The Friction clutch is indispensable in certain agricultural implement applications. The friction clutch is the only torque limiter that has the ability to continuously transmit power (at a reduced level) while overloaded. This is valuable during startup of high inertia machines, as well as for leveling out torsional fluctuations due to high cyclic loads. The standard friction clutch with coil springs can be set in the field to the desired overload protection and must be readjusted after slipping.



Spec. Imperial Metric
Bearing Diameter1.06 inches27 mm
Bearing Span2.93 inches74 mm
Bore 11.37 inches35 mm
Bore 1 1 3/8-6 SPLINE
HP@1000RPM70 HP52 kilowatts
HP@540RPM45 HP34 kilowatts
Length5.73 inches146 mm
Outside Diameter7.08 inches180 mm
Shipping Dimensions6.6" L  ×  7.087" H  ×  7.087" W17cm L  ×  18cm H  ×  18cm W
Shipping Volume331.49 in35432 cm3
Shipping Weight16.94 pounds8 kilograms
Weight16.94 pounds8 kilograms


Document Name Type Language
Service Instructions - Lubricating PTO Drive Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
Lack of Grease - Cross & Brg Kit.pdf Troubleshooting Document English

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