55 Series Cross And Bearing Kit

55 series cross and bearing kit, r standard, center grease fitting

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R-Kits are standard and offer a highquality lube cycle of 8 hours which is acceptable for many applications. R-kits and E-kits are interchangeable for all available Weasler series as well as with standard cross and bearing sets in the market. This means that a Weasler PTO drive shaft with R-kits can still be upgraded to E-kits or M-kits.

• Lubrication cycle of up to 8 hours.
• Interchangeable with standard North American cross and bearing kits available in the market.

• A black seal with grease fitting makes it fast and easy to find a P-Kit.


Spec. Imperial Metric
Bearing Diameter1.53 inches39 mm
Bearing Span4.30 inches109 mm
Bearing Diameter1.53 inches39 mm
Bearing Span4.30 inches109 mm
Height1.53 inches39 mm
HP@1000RPM164 HP122 kilowatts
HP@540RPM106 HP79 kilowatts
Kit Type R
Length4.30 inches109 mm
Lubrication Interval 8.00
Shipping Dimensions4.303" L  ×  1.531" H  ×  4.303" W11cm L  ×  4cm H  ×  11cm W
Shipping Volume28.35 in3465 cm3
Shipping Weight3.10 pounds1 kilograms
Snap Ring Location External
Weight3.10 pounds1 kilograms
Width4.30 inches109 mm


Document Name Type Language
Service-Instructions-Lubricating-PTO-Drive-Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
WE0101007_0118_USL_EKit.pdf Performance Benefits Document English

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