W Series Pulley

W series pulley with 1.625 inch round bore and 12 inch v-groove rim

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Weasler provides a variety of pulleys within the V,W, X, and XX series that fit A, B, or C groove v-belt requirements. Pulleys pair with the hubs and sprockets that match the corresponding letter series. An idler pulley with a flat bottom groove is available in addition to all other standard options.



Spec. Imperial Metric
Length1.07 inches27 mm
Outside Diameter12.00 inches305 mm
Shipping Dimensions1.07" L  ×  12" H  ×  1.07" W3cm L  ×  30cm H  ×  3cm W
Shipping Volume13.74 in3225 cm3
Shipping Weight5.05 pounds2 kilograms
Weight5.05 pounds2 kilograms
Weld Diameter1.62 inches41 mm
Width1.07 inches27 mm

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