This Viscous Rubber Spring damper is available as one, two, or three stage and has a variety of deflection rates available to meet the needs of your application requirements.

This is a Weasler custom-engineered component, which is not available through our aftermarket distribution network. For more information on this product or to discuss a custom solution for your unique OEM application, contact the Weasler engineering team now.

The VRS torsional damper is designed to provide significant reduction of vibration in many types of powertrain systems, protecting engine and transmission components from excessive wear. By reducing torsional vibration, component life is increased while providing for greater operator comfort and reduced fatigue. These dampers are desirable for off-road, marine, agricultural, lawn & turf or any engine driven application where cost effective torsional damping and vibration eliminating solutions are needed.

• Drivetrain vibration protection.
• Minimizes torque pulses.
• Maintenance-free.
• Self-aligning hub.
• Various torque capacity options.
• Various spring rate options.
• Various input shaft splines.
• Various mounting configurations.

• 3-Stages: viscous – rubber – spring (VRS) (PATENTED)
– Viscous: grease within the spring pockets eliminates transmission noise during idle
– Rubber: rubber damper reduces torsional forces that contribute to transmission noise and wear when operating at low speed
– Spring: compression spring dampens out the impact and shock loading created during normal operation
• Sealed for life to keep grease in and contaminants out.
• Self-aligning hub minimizes concentricity concerns.
• Low friction internal components reduce wear.
• Low mass and compact length minimize bearing overhung load.
• Wide variety of splines available.
• Up to 800 Nm (600 ft-lb) of torque capacity.
• Multiple mounting patterns can be designed into a single mounting disc.
• Different flywheel configurations can be accommodated.

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