Torqmaster Compact Automatic Clutch

Torqmaster compact automatic clutch with 1 3/8-21 spline bore telescoping connection and bolted connection

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An automatic clutch offers a level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. The compact, efficient design disconnects the power source from the drivetrain when overload occurs, and does not reconnect until the speed is reduced. During disengagement, the patented design minimizes damaging torque spikes and heat.

• Repeatable Overload Protection.
• Minimal Torque Spikes When Disengaged.
• Minimal Heat Generation.
• Maintenance-Free Clutch.
• Audible Operator Notification.
• Tamper-Proof.
• Various Re-Engagement Speed Options.
• Various Re-Engagement Torque Options.
• Compact 4.00 in (102 mm) Diameter.
• Design Offered With Drive Shaft Or Through-Shaft Options.

• Efficient overload protection is attained by transferring the axial spring force into torsional power (patented).
• Wear resistant design of drive wedges and ring ensures repeatable protection.
• Spring design allows the clutch to spin with minimal load while disengaged, minimizing damaging torque spikes and heat generation (patented).
• Torque protection level is determined by spring selection and verified for each assembly.
• The compact design and low mass minimize bearing overhung load.
• Available in either drive shaft or through-shaft configurations.
• Auto-Lok attachment available (patented).
• Torque setting available from 1000 to 8850 in·lb (100 to 1000 Nm).
• Speeds to 1000rpm.


Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 11.37 inches35 mm
Bore 1 1 3/8-21 SPLINE
Connection 1 TELESCOPING
Connection 2 BOLTED
Height4.00 inches102 mm
Length3.09 inches78 mm
Outside Diameter4.00 inches102 mm
Shipping Dimensions3.09" L  ×  4" H  ×  4" W8cm L  ×  10cm H  ×  10cm W
Shipping Volume49.44 in3810 cm3
Width4.00 inches102 mm
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