Introducing Weasler’s New Cross and Bearing M-Kits

Maintenance Free. Maximum Performance.
Introducing Weasler's New Cross and Bearing M-Kits 

Make life a lot easier for your customers with maintenance-free cross and bearing (M-Kits) from Weasler Engineering. Our M-Kits are precision engineered and built to perform reliably and continuously throughout their designed lifespan with no need for added lubrication. Superior kit design features include durable steel construction, premium quality lubricant, larger roller bearings, and a high temperature, triple-lipped seal that keeps grease in and contaminants out. With Weasler M-Kits at work, farmers can expect worry-free operation and the longest possible life from their equipment.

“I grew up on a farm,” recalled George Hansen, Weasler Product Manager. “I treasure my memories of operating farm equipment, but maintenance is another story. That was never fun… or easy.” He continued, “That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Weasler’s new maintenance-free, universal joints, or M-Kits. Farmers can say goodbye to hard-to-reach or easily missed maintenance locations.” Hansen concluded, “Our M-Kits really do offer worry-free operation.”

Weasler Engineering M-Kits are interchangeable with all standard cross and bearing kits and available for all series. Plus, standard kits can be easily upgraded to M-Kits. 

Real Performance Benefits
  • Worry-free operation – Maintenance-free design eliminates the need to remove the guard, concerns about missed grease points, confusion about greasing intervals, or any risk of blowing seals due to over greasing. 
  • Easy replacement and upgrade – M-Kits are easily interchangeable with other cross and bearing kits in the market.
  • No downtime – With no need to add lubricant ever, a farmer won’t need to take time for maintenance, repair blocked fittings, or suffer a failed part due to a missed grease point
  • Money-saving design – Higher torque capacity and clean design ensures efficiency and continuous operation, and avoids costly cross and bearing kit replacement
  • Longer life – No risk of premature failure and replacement of expensive components due to missed grease points.
  • Operator comfort – No need to modify grease gun tips to fit into tight spaces or crawl under equipment to access grease points.
  • No mess – Grease is tightly sealed inside with no risk of contamination from greasing through a dirty fitting.
Orange is the New Easy
A high-temperature, triple-lipped seal keeps grease in and contaminants out for the longest possible product life. What’s more, the bright orange color of the seal makes it fast and easy for farmers to locate an M-Kit or E-Kit. 
Weasler Cross and Bearing Kits
Cross and bearing kits are the heart of Weasler universal joints, joining together the two yokes that make it possible for the joint to move. That’s why choosing the right product for your application is so important.
In addition to our new M-Kits, Weasler offers a wide variety of standard cross and bearing options, including extended lubrication interval kits, bushing lube kits, constant velocity kits, and plain bearing kits. Weasler engineers will work with you to customize a cross and bearing option to meet your unique application specifications, from high speed or high torque to long life and ease of maintenance. 

To ensure optimal performance, be sure to carefully consider the correct style and size required for your application. The Weasler Engineering team can help you determine the best kit solution for your needs. Contact us now to get started.
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