Weasler’s PTO Drive Shafts on Display at Brazil’s 2018 Agrishow

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Introducing Weasler’s New High-Torque Automatic Clutch

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Announcing Our New Category 5 80° CV Joint

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Weasler Engineering’s heritage is quality. This also applies to technical support. Weasler’s engineering personnel have many years experience in PTO drive shaft design, application and testing.

By involving Weasler at the front of a new design, help is available to optimize the design for performance and economy. Modern engineering tools are used to develop the best design, including computer-aided stress and kinematic analysis.

Weasler’s experimental laboratory facility allows the opportunity to accelerate durability testing and fully verify all of our designs before making them available to customers. Weasler’s ability to test drivetrain components in actual field conditions with the customer’s technical personnel closes the loop to ensure the drivetrain is the best design for the application.

Weasler’s technical expertise is as strong as our product. The engineering staff at Weasler has both the knowledge and experience needed to create an efficient drivetrain for the application.

To determine how Weasler can help you, please contact our North American design team ( or our European design team and let them work with you to identify the PTO drive shaft to fit your specific application.