Decades of agricultural driveline Product experience

For more than 70 years, Weasler has proudly led the manufacturing industry as a top agricultural driveline solution partner.

From rotary cutters to tractors and hay balers,
our PTO driveline products are the gold standard for your equipment. 

Work with us, and you’ll find we focus on key values like
expertise, innovation and reliability.

Drive Shafts

At Weasler, we partner with you to solve complex issues, and continuously improve and drive value. We understand your need for dependable driveline products and PTO drive shaft components you can count on for unsurpassed quality.

Our PTO drive shafts are available in a range of design options, including telescoping, high speed and double telescoping, to pair perfectly with any application. Our maintenance-free drive shafts have telescoping sections that protect the spline shaft from the environment with a U-cup wiper seal inside a steel tube, plus they include our patented Easy Lock guard system.

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Torque Limiters

Weasler offers industry-leading design technology and custom testing capabilities. Our torque limiters are precision designed for reliable implement overload protection. Our clutches are indispensable for OEMs, protecting farming equipment and preventing unnecessary downtime and costly repairs.

You’ll find we offer a high-quality clutch for every agricultural application, including:

Ball shear: The shear yoke offers simple, economical implement overload protection.

Ratchet: The updated design includes a repeatable overload setting.

Friction: The only torque limiter that can continuously transmit power at a reduced level while overloaded.

Auto: The efficient design of the automatic clutch disconnects the power source from the drivetrain when overload occurs and does not reconnect until the speed is reduced.

Find out how a Weasler driveline can add value to your application.

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