Star Profile Tube

AW36-80 series star profile tube, coated tube

This product is currently only available to customers in Europe and may not be available in your region. For more information about product availability feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Tubes serve as a metal cylindrical encasement for a shaft within a given PTO drive shaft, and provides supplemental reinfocement to the drive shaft. Tubing is available in both domestic (North American) and metric profile shapes. Domestic tubing is provided as square, rectangle, or round. The Weasler Profile product line includes metric and tubing available in both German and Italian styling: German style provided as lemon or star in shape and Italian as trilobed in shape.



Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 11.04 inches26 mm
Connection 1 ROLL PIN
Length39.37 inches1000 mm
Outside Diameter2.02 inches51 mm
Shipping Dimensions39.37" L  ×  2.028" H  ×  2.028" W100cm L  ×  5cm H  ×  5cm W
Shipping Volume161.92 in32653 cm3
Tube Size2.02 inches51 mm


Document Name Type Language
Service Instructions - Lubricating PTO Drive Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
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