8600 series parallel shaft gearbox available in ratios up to 4:1

This is a Weasler custom-engineered component, which is not available through our aftermarket distribution network. For more information on this product or to discuss a custom solution for your unique OEM application, contact the Weasler engineering team now.

Weasler Engineering’s rugged parallel shaft gearboxes are designed to meet a wide range of torque requirements in agriculture and other demanding markets. Choose from existing ratios and shaft configurations or customize them to meet your application needs. Our Application Engineers will work with you to understand your application requirements and size the appropriate gearbox for your application. If your application requires a custom drive solution, our engineers will work you to design a parallel shaft gearbox that meets your exact application to minimize stress and wear on your equipment and extend service life.

• Customizable shaft configurations up to 2” [50 mm] diameter on input shaft and 3.875” [98 mm] on output shaft
• Available ratios – 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1
(other ratios available upon request)
• Max HP rating
• 540 rpm = 79 HP
• 1000 rpm = 140 HP
• Rugged cast iron housings
• Helical gears
• Double lip spring loaded seals

Available Options:
• Hollow shaft – up to 2.75” [69 mm] max diameter
• Viton seals
• C-Face pump attachments

Application examples:
• Pump Applications
• Combines
• Grain Conveyors
• Conveying Equipment

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