Spline Slip Sleeve

35 series spline slip sleeve, 1 5/16 square

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Slip sleeves allow for PTO driveshafts to slip or flexibly move with a given application. Weasler slip sleeves are available in spline and square design.



Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 11.31 inches33 mm
Bore 1 1 5/16 SQUARE
Connection 1 SPLINE SHAFT
Length8.00 inches203 mm
Outside Diameter2.50 inches64 mm
Shaft Size1.31 inches33 mm
Shipping Dimensions8" L  ×  2.5" H  ×  2.5" W20cm L  ×  6cm H  ×  6cm W
Shipping Volume50.00 in3819 cm3
Shipping Weight3.90 pounds2 kilograms
Tube Bore Diameter2.24 inches57 mm
Weight3.90 pounds2 kilograms
Weld Diameter2.25 inches57 mm


Document Name Type Language
Service Instructions - Lubricating PTO Drive Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
WE0101016_0817_USL_FullSplineProfileDriveShaft.pdf Performance Benefits Document English
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