GM series wheel drive designed and developed for grain bin sweep applications – available in ratios up to 17:1

This is a Weasler custom-engineered component, which is not available through our aftermarket distribution network. For more information on this product or to discuss a custom solution for your unique OEM application, contact the Weasler engineering team now.

Weasler Engineering’s patented, American-made GM Series Bin Sweep Wheel Drive provides improved performance and enhanced safety of your existing sweep system. Its aggressive tread pattern allows the wheel to dig through compacted grain and remain in contact with the bin floor, which means higher driving forces into the grain pile. The fluted tread design extends the auger closer to the grain bin wall, minimizing the amount of grain that is missed by the sweep or pushed past the wheel. And removing grain effectively from a grain bin means there are fewer reasons for you to need to enter the bin. Weasler Engineering also provides center drives, auger drives and U-joints for grain bin sweep applications.

• All-in-one gear reduction and wheel design with fluted treads helps move more grain away from the wall toward the auger
• The cycloidal gear drive provides improved durability and higher ratios
• Polyurethane treads provide long life in all types of grain and also allow the seep to maintain a high driving force into the grain pile
• Wide range of ratios allows you to configure the GM wheel drive for optimal performance based on auger size and bin diameter

• Narrow profile—3 1/8” across treads
• Gearbox capable of 3 HP at 150-400 RPM
• Available in 8” and 10” diameter standard*
• Available in the following ratios: 5.7:1, 6.8:1, 8.5:1, 11.3:1 and 17:1
• Durable construction
• Double lipped seals to maintain lubrication and keep contaminants out
• Lubricated for life
• 1.5” Standard shaft diameter*
• Universal mounting pattern

* Other sizes available upon request

Available Options:
• Alternate tread materials for concrete installations
• Customize tread diameters to meet application requirements


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