Ratchet Clutch

Ratchet Clutch

This is a Weasler custom-engineered component, which is not available through our aftermarket distribution network. For more information on this product or to discuss a custom solution for your unique OEM application, contact the Weasler engineering team now.

The ratchet clutch allows implement overload protection with a unique pulsating torque while disengaged. When the overload occurs, the torque is transmitted in pulses accompanied by an audible sound. This pulsation aids in pushing clearing the blockage. Therefore, the operator may not need to leave the operator seat or even slow down to clear the blockage. The clutch will re-engage when the transmitted torque drops below the calibrated torque value.

• Implement overload protection.
• Repeatable overload setting.
• Torque pulses while slipping aid in dislodging blockage for increased productivity.
• Minimal maintenance.
• Audible operator notification.
• Tamper-resistant.
• Compact (ø 100mm / 4.00 in) design offered with through shaft as well as drive shaft mounted configurations.

• Available in either driveline or through shaft configurations.
• Torque settings available from 100 to 1500 Nm.
• Speeds up to 700 rpm.
• Yoke options include most North American and European series.


Spec. Imperial Metric
Shipping Dimensions0" L  ×  0" H  ×  0" W0cm L  ×  0cm H  ×  0cm W


Document Name Type Language
Service Instructions - Lubricating PTO Drive Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
Lack of Grease - Cross & Brg Kit.pdf Troubleshooting Document English
WE0101026_0817_USL_RatchetClutch.pdf Performance Benefits Document English
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