AW36 Series Universal Joint And Tube With Guard

AW36 series universal joint and tube with guard with 1 3/4-20 spline, clamp connection and 51 mm star, telescoping connection

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Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 11.75 inches44 mm
Bore 1 1 3/4-20 SPLINE
Bore 22.08 inches53 mm
Bore 2 51 MM STAR
Compressed (Closed) Length43.70 inches1110 mm
Compressed Overall Length53.99 inches1371 mm
Connection 1 CLAMP
Connection 2 TELESCOPING
Extended Length58.07 inches1475 mm
Extended Overall Length68.36 inches1736 mm
HP@1000RPM124 HP92 kilowatts
HP@540RPM80 HP60 kilowatts
Length34.13 inches867 mm
Outside Diameter7.75 inches197 mm
Shipping Dimensions34.13" L  ×  7.75" H  ×  7.75" W87cm L  ×  20cm H  ×  20cm W
Shipping Volume2049.93 in333592 cm3
Shipping Weight25.50 pounds12 kilograms
Weight25.50 pounds12 kilograms


Document Name Type Language
Service-Instructions-Lubricating-PTO-Drive-Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
Lack of Grease - Cross & Brg Kit.pdf Troubleshooting Document English
WE0101011_0817_USL_EasyLockGuard.pdf Performance Benefits Document English