AB4,AW21 Series Telescoping Yoke

AB4,AW21 series yoke with 35 mm cuna bore and telescoping connection

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PTO drive shafts end with an implement yoke, it is the final connection between the PTO drive shaft and the machine or implement connected to the tractor. Weasler implement yokes are provided in a variety of bore and mounting options. Bore options include square, rectangle, hexagon, round and spline. Standard yoke connection options are set screws and pins. Additional implement yoke connection options include torque limiter flage yokes, telescoping yokes (square, round, and hexagon), and clamp yokes.



Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 11.41 inches36 mm
Bore 1 35 MM CUNA
Connection 1 TELESCOPING
Height3.82 inches97 mm
HP@1000RPM70 HP52 kilowatts
HP@540RPM45 HP34 kilowatts
Length4.21 inches107 mm
Shipping Dimensions5.074" L  ×  3.82" H  ×  2.3622047244094" W13cm L  ×  10cm H  ×  6cm W
Shipping Volume45.79 in3750 cm3
Shipping Weight2.64 pounds1 kilograms
Weight2.64 pounds1 kilograms
Width2.36 inches60 mm


Document Name Type Language
Service Instructions - Lubricating PTO Drive Shaft.pdf Maintenance Document English
Service Instructions - Universal Joint.pdf Service Document English
Lack of Grease - Cross & Brg Kit.pdf Troubleshooting Document English
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