Drive Shafts

Available in both Weasler North American and Weasler Profile metric series, Weasler drive shafts are used extensively throughout the global agriculture market. Each custom-designed Weasler drive shaft may include a telescoping shaft, yokes (tube, shaft, tractor and implement), cross and bearing kits, and a guard. Whether used within machinery itself or for power take off, a wide array of design options, including telescoping, high speed and double telescoping, ensure an ideal match to every application. Weasler’s patented Easy Lock guard system can be used to cover the drive shaft with fast and simple removal and replacement.

CV Wide Angle Universal Joints

A constant velocity (CV) wide angle universal joint allows consistent, smooth machine operation through a broad range of motion. Weasler Engineering’s lightweight, versatile CV joints allow manufacturers to design equipment with an input shaft in the best operating position, while allowing optimal flexibility for the user. Our CV wide angle universal joints deliver constant power by self-canceling torque and speed fluctuations for minimal vibration at high turn angles. Choose from 50°, 70°, and 80° CV joints to meet your specific needs.

Universal Joints

When designing a universal joint, Weasler engineers combine two yokes with a cross and bearing kit to create a joint that can easily articulate or flex while the driveline is turning. This smart design allows a tractor and implement to move smoothly and reliably around corners or other unexpected obstacles. Weasler universal joints can be customized to meet your exact application need to ensure long life and consistent performance, even in the harshest agricultural or other off-highway conditions.


Weasler offers innovative standard and double telescoping driveshafts to ensure easier and faster repositioning, and to allow for better length accommodation during operation. In the field, your equipment can fold tighter and turn sharper without limiters or the need to disconnect the drive shaft. A Weasler telescoping drive shaft provides an increased operating range, which allows greater design flexibility for an OEM and maximum productivity and satisfaction for a farmer. Our engineering expertise, tight manufacturing tolerances, and precision manufacturing processes allow us to produce telescoping drive shafts with minimal run-out, superior performance, and maximum strength.


Yokes provide the connection to the drive shaft from the implement to the tractor and help to minimize noise and vibration for the smoothest operation. Weasler offers a comprehensive line of yokes for all types of agricultural equipment, including tractor, shaft, tube, and implement styles. Our yokes are custom designed to meet your unique specifications using proprietary processes developed by Weasler’s engineering team. Weasler Slide Lock and Autolok yokes feature a cast iron collar for the longest possible life.

CV Wide Angle Yokes

Weasler engineers design custom drive shaft solutions to help improve the productivity and safety of agricultural equipment. Our constant velocity (CV) wide angle yokes allow optimal drive shaft rotation, even in extreme angles. This helps ensure smooth machine operation and improves operator comfort though a wide range of motion. Weasler’s CV wide angle yokes deliver constant power by self-canceling torque and speed fluctuations for minimal vibration at high turn angles. They offer a maximum of 80 degrees joint angle for short duration or 50 degrees for stand still operation.

Cross and Bearing Kits

Weasler offers a wide variety of standard agricultural kits, extended lubrication interval kits, bushing lube kits, constant velocity kits, plain bearing kits, or vehicular kits to meet your unique needs. Kits are available to meet application specifications such as high speed, high torque, long life, or ease of maintenance. Weasler cross and bearing kits include R-Kits for 8-hour lube intervals, E-Kits for 50- to 250-hour lube intervals, and maintenance-free M-Kits. E-Kits and M-Kits are designed with a triple lip seal to maintain grease levels and higher quality steel for increased torque capacity.

The cross and bearing kit is the core of a PTO drive shaft. To ensure optimal performance, be sure to carefully consider the correct style and size required for your application. The Weasler Engineering team can help you determine the best kit solution for your needs.

Drive Shaft Guards

To ensure optimal performance and value, Weasler guard systems are custom designed to fit your exact specifications. In the aftermarket, we offer a comprehensive line of guarding solutions to fit today’s needs, including retrofits for most PTO drive shafts in the field. Weasler guard systems are laboratory tested under accelerated aging cycles to ensure the longest possible life in the field. As agricultural conditions are harsh, Weasler uses only black guarding to ensure maximum durability, even when exposed to ultraviolet light and ozone. Our patented Easy Lock system allows for easy guard removal and replacement if servicing is required. All Weasler guards are made according to ISO 5674 or certified to EN 12965.

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