Shift your productivity into high gear with custom gearboxes from Weasler

Farmers work hard every day under demanding conditions. And they rely on your equipment to work just as hard — all season long. That’s why leading agricultural OEMs around the world trust Weasler Engineering to deliver smart gearbox solutions that optimize the performance of their machines. Weasler gearboxes convert the rotational energy supplied by your equipment into the energy level required by the application, with power levels that vary with gearbox ratio and speed.

Download Weasler’s new gearbox brochure now to learn more about our custom and specialty gearboxes.

Custom designs are our specialty
Your customers look to you for equipment that yields maximum reliability, efficiency and productivity. Some applications, such as grain bin wheel drives and grain cart gearboxes, require unique designs to optimize their performance. A Weasler specialty gearbox can help you deliver the results farmers want and need.

Often your new equipment will require a customized gearbox solution. Weasler engineering can work with your team to develop a custom drive component that precisely meets your application.

“Weasler’s custom gearboxes allow you to differentiate your machines from the competition,” explained Jim Klubertanz, Weasler product manager for gearboxes. “From application review and on-site field testing to the latest design modeling and prototype analysis, our engineers will develop a customized drive solution that precisely matches your requirements and offers a mechanical edge to increase torque and deliver consistently better performance.”

Because farming is a tough job
Weasler gearboxes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. All agricultural equipment is consistently exposed to extreme environments. Machinery used for tilling and sowing is put to the test every spring with severe rain and flooding. Equipment used for harvesting needs to stand up to dust and high temperature. Moisture, water, heat and dirt all increase the risk of lubricant contamination that will ultimately reduce the effectiveness and life span of a gearbox.

“At Weasler, we understand the demands placed on agricultural equipment and know how to design and build components that exceed expectations,” Klubertanz said. “Our engineers use the latest design tools to not only minimize development time and risk, but to maximize efficiencies and outcomes.” He added, “Using our existing dynamometers or a custom-built test stand, we’re able to accurately simulate use and verify design.”

What can we design for you?
Let Weasler engineers help you match a gearbox solution for your specific agricultural application. Along with gearboxes, we’re also able to meet your complete power transmission needs including drivelines, clutches and torque-limiters. A Weasler system will fit seamlessly into your equipment for flawless performance. Email now.

Weasler Introduces Metric Profile Drivelines

Weasler Engineering provides the most extensive and trusted range of driveline products for agricultural equipment available today. Our driveline systems, or power take-off shafts, are used by all major agriculture equipment OEMs and carried by agriculture equipment dealers worldwide.

Yes, we’ve gone metric

To better serve our global customers, we’re pleased to introduce a complete line of metric drivelines designed to meet a diverse range of implement applications, including beet harvesters, combine headers, disc mowers, peanut harvesters, post hole diggers, hay tedders, tillers, snow throwers, and more.

Our metric drivelines feature “lemon”, “tri-lobe” and “star” profiles, which are utilized by European agricultural OEMs.
Our customizable metric driveline solutions are sold under Weasler’s Profile brand and proudly manufactured in the U.S. to the highest quality standards. All of our components are designed for maximum flexibility and extended life, which saves you time and money with fewer replacements.The Weasler yoke design uses cast iron, not plastic, collars for improved durability — even in the harshest environments. All Weasler cross and bearing kits provide longer life with high torque capacity. If you choose, the standard cross and bearing kit can be upgraded to a Weasler “E-kit”, which offers increased torque capacity and extended lubrication cycles from 50 to 250 hours. That helps to further reduce the risk of costly downtime for you.

Weasler Easy Lock Guards

The driveline efficiently transfers mechanical power between farm tractors and implements. This system of conveying power helped to revolutionize North American agriculture.

Weasler’s Easy Lock Guard system is a simple solution to help prevent contact with the drive components from improper driveline handling. Now an industry benchmark, our Easy Lock Guards are standard on all Weasler North American and Weasler Profile (metric) drivelines.

Our Easy Lock Guard system:
  • Unites the tractor PTO master shield and implement power input connection with our guard to form an interactive guarding system.

  • Is simple to remove and reinstall as needed for maintenance using a screwdriver or other common tool.

  • Meets and exceeds all industry safety standards. 

What can we design for you?

Whether you need a single component or a complete driveline, Weasler Profile metric products can be designed to meet your specific OEM applications. If needed, we’re able to shorten the length of our driveline to meet your exact requirements for a seamless fit into your equipment. 

Click here for more information, including part numbers and specifications. If you have a specific question, call Weasler customer service at 262-338-2161, or email us at

Mark Your Calendar for the Farm Progress Show

The 65th Annual Farm Progress Show is planned for August 28-30 in Boone Iowa. And Weasler Engineering will be there. Will you?

“Our team never misses the Farm Progress Show,” explained Dan Kappler, sales director at Weasler Engineering. “While we don’t exhibit, the show is an excellent opportunity for us to learn how our mechanical power transmission solutions are performing in the field and to plan for future product innovations.” He continued, “In one location, we can talk to agricultural OEMs, component suppliers, and most importantly, farmers, to make sure Weasler PTO drive shafts deliver the performance and reliability needed.”

About the Event

The Farm Progress Show is the nation’s largest outdoor farm event. Each year, more than 600 exhibitors are on hand to showcase new farm equipment, including tractors, combines and farm implements, seed and crop protection products, and other agricultural supplies and services. Exhibitors include leaders in the global agricultural industry, such as John Deere, Case IH, AGCO, Bush Hog, Caterpillar, JCB, Kuhn, Precision Planting, Vermeer and more. In prior years, attendance has topped 160,000 people.
Interactive field demonstrations are mainstays at the show every year. Demos can include side-by-side tillage techniques, GPS and precision equipment, and tractor and combine performance comparisons. Live cattle-handling demos share the newest cattle chutes, equipment, animal health products and work techniques. Read more about how 360 acres of corn were planted in Boone, Iowa, by April 28 in preparation for this year’s demos.

Weasler Engineering Products

Walk through the Farm Progress Show this year, or any year, and you’ll see equipment that relies on Weasler transmission products. Since 1951, we have provided innovative driveline systems and components to the global agricultural industry. Weasler offers a complete line of driveline and components for both North American and metric configurations, as well as gearboxes and clutches designed to meet unique requirements on equipment such as beet harvesters, hay tedders and combine headers.

Weasler also supports existing equipment already in the field. Through our dealer and distributor network, farmers have access to a full line of Weasler aftermarket replacement parts — from a complete driveline replacement to a simple yoke, tube, slip sleeve or spline.

Want to Meet at the Show?

Are you planning to attend the Farm Progress Show? We’d love the opportunity to talk about your specific product needs. Contact us now to set up a meeting.

What Can We Design for You?

Let Weasler engineers help you match a system for your specific agricultural application. Email now.

Maximize Grain Bin Safety and Productivity

On a farm, hazards can crop up in an instant — particularly in a grain bin. At Weasler Engineering, our engineers work to design driveline systems and components that make your day easier and more profitable, while keeping you as safe as possible always.

Weasler’s GM Series Bin Sweep Wheel Drive

Weasler’s patented, American-made GM Series Bin Sweep Wheel Drive provides improved performance and enhanced safety of your existing sweep system. Its aggressive tread pattern allows the wheel to dig through compacted grain and remain in contact with the bin floor, which means higher driving forces into the grain pile. The fluted tread design extends the auger closer to the grain bin wall, minimizing the amount of grain that is missed by the sweep or pushed past the wheel. And removing grain effectively from a grain bin means there are fewer reasons for you to need to enter the bin.

Click to download our GM Series Wheel Drive spec sheet!

What Our GM Series Wheel Drives Offers You

  • All-in-one gear reduction and wheel design with fluted treads helps move more grain away from the wall toward the auger
  • The cycloidal gear drive provides improved durability and higher ratios
  • Polyurethane treads provide long life in all types of grain and also allow the seep to maintain a high driving force into the grain pile
  • Wide range of ratios allows you to configure the GM wheel drive for optimal performance based on auger size and bin diameter
  • Improved overall sweep performance for maximum productivity
  • Increased operator safety (less time in the bin)
  • Greater durability and profitability due to reduced maintenance, less downtime and lower cost of ownership
  • Complete drive system including center drives, auger drives and U-joints for ease of use and set-up

Smart Tips for Grain Bin Safety*

  1. Always break up crusted grain with a long pole from outside the bin and be mindful of electric lines.
  2. If you do enter a bin, wear a harness attached to a secured rope.
  3. Stay near the outer wall of the bin and keep walking to get to the ladder or safety rope as quickly as possible if grain starts moving and you’re inside.
  4. Have at least one other person outside the bin in case you become entrapped. Make sure they’re trained on rescue procedures and know the safety procedures and rules for entering the bin.
  5. Anyone working in a grain bin needs to wear a dust filter or respirator.
  6. Stay out of grain bins, wagons and trucks when unloading equipment is running.
  7. If you do enter the bin, make sure all augers and fans are off and locked so they are not accidentally turned on while in the bin.
  8. Keep children far from bins, wagons or trucks.
  9. Install ladders inside grain bins for an emergency exit whenever possible and paint bright stripes so it can easily be located in a dusty bin.

*Source: University of Illinois Extension

What Can We Design for You?

Let Weasler engineers help you match a system for your specific agricultural application. Email now.

Weasler’s PTO Drive Shafts on Display at Brazil’s 2018 Agrishow

Weasler Engineering joined other businesses from the Engineered Solutions segment of Actuant at Agrishow 2018, which was held earlier this month at Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now in its 25th year, Agrishow is the most important agricultural technology fair in Latin America. The event is the most anticipated of the year for the launch of the latest technological innovations for agribusiness in Latin America. Each year, Agrishow welcomes close to 160,000 visitors and showcases over 800 brands.

Engineering Solutions Showcase
Weasler joined three other Actuant businesses — Turotest, Elliott Manufacturing and Power-Packer — to share innovative engineered solutions for South America’s extensive agricultural market. Combined, the four Actuant business groups showcased a wide array of products that help improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of agricultural products used around the world.
At the 2018 Agrishow, Weasler’s display featured drive shafts, clutches, universal joints and other mechanical power transmission products used in the world’s agricultural equipment. Our extensive product offering includes the most comprehensive range of PTO drive shaft products in the marketplace with telescoping members to meet all applications, including:

  • North American-style (spline, rectangular and square shafting
  • Metric Profile German-style (lemon and star profile tubing)
  • Metric Profile Italian-style (triangular profile tubing)

High speed drive shafts (up to 3,600 rpm), a variety of torque limiters, high-end custom and specialty gearboxes and torsional dampers help round out the product line.

A Quick Look at the Brazilian Ag Market
Brazil’s large geographical terrain and temperate climate allow for tropic crops in the north, as well as crops that require cooler conditions in the middle and southern parts of the country. Today, Brazil is a major producer of grains. The country has the world’s second-largest harvest of soybeans each year and is a major producer and exporter of cotton, corn, rice, and wheat. Brazil’s many ports, from the north to the south, allow for its vast raw materials exports to travel around the world.
Experts predict that Brazil’s corn production could soon match the U.S. in much the same way the country’s soybean and beef industries have mirrored the States. Brazil’s corn exports are now roughly 1.5 billion bushels compared to 2 billion bushels projected for the U.S. on the 2017-18 crop.
Brazilian agricultural exports have grown from $20.6 billion in 2000 to $96 billion in 2017. That compares with $140.5 billion for the U.S. last year. Soybeans account for about one-third of Brazil’s ag exports, followed by meat at 16% with sugar and ethanol at 12%, and coffee at 5.5%.

What Can We Design for You?
Let Weasler engineers help you match a system for your specific agricultural application. Email now.

Introducing Weasler’s New High-Torque Automatic Clutch

Welcome to a better, more efficient way to farm. Weasler Engineering’s new automatic clutch is specifically designed for high-torque and high inertia applications, such as large square balers, combines, and self-propelled forage harvesters. 

More farming. Less interruption.

When a torque overload occurs in these rigorous environments, our innovative clutch automatically reconnects, allowing the operator to remain seated with minimal interruption to the task at hand. Even better, this convenient, maintenance-free protection comes with maximum mounting flexibility to flywheels, sprockets and more — giving you optimal design flexibility. 

High-Torque Clutch Performance Benefits
  • Repeatable high-torque overload protects your equipment, maximizing harvest rates.
  • Minimal torque spikes during clutch disengagement reduce damaging energy from reaching costly sub-systems that are critical to your equipment.
  • Low rpm re-engagement for high-inertia applications minimizes the amount of heat generated during an extended slip as the implement comes to a full stop.
  • Minimal heat generation extends clutch life, eliminating the need to re-lubricate.
  • Maintenance-free, sealed clutch requires no additional lubrication, saving you time and money.
  • Audible alert indicates when the clutch disengages and re-engages, so operator knows to reduce power due to torque overload.
High-Torque Clutch Design Features
  • Performance: Weasler Engineering’s patented clutch design minimizes torque spikes during disconnect, which results in increased downstream component life and makes the clutch ideal for high inertia applications.
  • Design: Smart design allows mounting flexibility to meet a wide array of your needs, including flange bolt patterns, flywheels, sprockets, and hubs. Driver bores are available up to 65 mm. Through-shaft design increases mounting flexibility and applications. Wear resistant materials ensure repeatable protection and durability. Sealed design requires zero maintenance for the life of the clutch. 
  • Torque settings available up to 6000 Nm.
  • Wide range of operating speeds are available upon request.
  • 100% shop tested and serialized.

What can we design for you?

Let Weasler engineers help you match a system for your specific application. We can design a clutch solution to meet your exact torque capacity or RPMs, and one that mounts or connects as needed. Email now.

Announcing Our New Category 5 80° CV Joint

A farmer’s day can be long and hard, with no extra time or resources for equipment troubles or downtime. That’s why leading agricultural equipment OEMs look to Weasler Engineering for reliable and innovative drivelines and components. We understand the rigorous demands of a day on a farm and engineer our products — and everything that goes into them — to stand-up to the harshest of elements.

It’s all in the joints.
Some drivelines feature constant-velocity (CV) joints. This integral component makes it possible for a driveline to transmit power throughout changing angles, at a constant rotational speed, and without realizing a significant increase in friction or play. All CV joints have a central ball and socket, so both sides of the joint move at the same time, and the joint allows greater turn angles without excessive vibration.

The Weasler difference
At Weasler Engineering, we take the CV joint to a superior level, both in the range of options we offer and in our smart, innovative engineering.

To meet a diverse range of applications, Weasler offers a comprehensive line of 50° and 80°CV joints, in a full range of ANSI/ASABE category ratings. Recently, we expanded our line to include an updated Category 5 80° CV joint, which offers:

  • Design versatility – Our new 80° CV joint has a unique spherical ball and socket design on each yoke — along with a patented retaining ring. This innovative design results in a more compact joint with spherical instead of line contact for reduced wear and tear, and longer life.
  • Improved maintenance – The grease fittings are located in a straight line, making them easy to locate and access to allow proper maintenance and reduced maintenance time.
  • Better performance – Unlike others in the industry, Weasler’s new CV joint uses the same cross and bearing kit throughout the design. All arms of the kit are equal, which provides additional strength and stability, along with better serviceability and reliability.
  • Longer life – The Weasler Category 5 80° CV joint features a floating plate on each side of the center plate to help eliminate the potential for gaps at higher angles. The plates help ensure smooth operation through joint articulation and make sure that grease stays inside and dirt stays outside for the longest possible component life.

“Weasler’s CV joints are designed to offer the smoothest operation through a broad range of motion,” said George Hansen, Weasler product manager. “We want to make sure that a farmer can follow the contours of a field and turn as needed, without worrying about vibration hazards or having to shut off equipment to change direction.”

Hansen added, “Our new Category 5 80° CV joint offers greater versatility for OEMs, as its compact size allows your equipment to be designed with the input shaft in the smartest possible operating position. And, it delivers consistent power for a farmer without the torque and speed fluctuations typically found in single universal joints.”

Weasler Engineering’s Cat 5 80° CV joint is in production and ready to order. To learn more about it or any of our driveline systems and components, contact us now

Visit Weasler at Agrishow 2018

Weasler Engineering Inc. will be exhibiting at the 25th annual Agrishow, April 30 – May 4, 2018, located at Ribeirao Preto in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can find our drive shafts, clutches, gearboxes and other components at Stand B – Number 27.

Agrishow is considered the greatest agricultural technology fair in Latin America and is one of the largest in the world. It is the only fair that brings together agricultural solutions for all regions of Brazil, and for all types of crops and sizes of properties. The field demonstration area provides a venue for demonstrations so all attendees can see the latest equipment in action. Agrishow 2017 drew 359,000 attendees. Over 800 brands of equipment were present at the show, and 70 countries were represented. For more information, visit the show site at

Weasler will exhibit at Agritechnica 2017

Agritechnica Logo

Weasler Engineering will exhibit at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany. We invite you to visit us at Hall 15 booth A04 from November 12th to the 18th to experience our innovative products and meet our team. Click on the Agritechnica Logo to learn more information on their website.

At Agritechnica, Weasler Engineering will display various products including metric and North American style drive shaft components.

West Bend Expansion Groundbreaking

West Bend Expansion Groundbreaking

On June 7, over a hundred Weasler West Bend employees gathered on the north end of the property located on Highway 45 North to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for a new era at Weasler Engineering. The company was founded in 1951 by Anthony V. Weasler, and purchased in 2011 by Actuant Corporation, a global enterprise headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

The addition and interior makeover will bridge the gap between the past facility, last annexed in 1974, and the future complex to be completed in April of 2017. The additional 60,000 square feet will bring the total footprint to approximately 220,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

Eric Gunnison, Weasler Operations Leader, welcomed employees and guests to the ceremony. He also introduced the speakers for the day: Actuant CEO Randy Baker, Actuant Engineered Solutions Segment Executive VP Roger Roundhouse, and Local USW Union President Jim Whitt.

Those in attendance were reminded of the presence Weasler has had in agricultural business for over 60 years, of the hard-working people who make Weasler products, and of Actuant’s commitment to developing a world-class operation in anticipation of a market that will return and bring with it growth and opportunity for the company. The building addition is an important component of our LEAD Transformation that enables us to relocate the equipment into a configuration that improves safety, promotes flow, reduces lead-times, and increases the overall efficiency of the operation.

Also in attendance were Tom Brockley, President, Engineered Solutions Americas, Stu Bohm, Operations Leader Engineered Solutions Americas, Joe Schmidt, Preconstruction Manager, CG Schmidt, Greg Morelli, VP of Corporate Industrial, C.G. Schmidt, Jay Knetter, President JAKnetter Architects and Jason Lueders, Director of Construction, Zilber Property Group.